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Stalin and the Bretton Woods agreement

In the Bretton woods conference of 1944, held in the United States, was attended by 44 States. The result was the Bretton Woods agreement. The meaning of the agreements, the world trade will be in US dollars and gold. Every country has the right to issue its own national currency …

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Unusual old car in the woods. Photo

The first comer may seem quite strange to see this old abandoned car in the woods. This is a very cozy house, which can easily Lodge up to six people. In the trailer there is all necessary for accommodation: well-equipped kitchen, a double bed, and a luxurious bedroom with king …

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Charming houses, lost among the woods. Photo

It’s just a dream of the introvert. In life there are situations when you need to do “reset” to be left alone to think over what’s happening, take a break from others. The best place to do it would probably be a small cabin in the woods. We only have …

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In Poland brutally beat the Ukrainian and threw it in the woods

In Swidnica new friends severely beat 34-year-old citizen of Ukraine. Ukrainian met with the attackers shortly before the incident. During drinking of alcohol Ukrainian fell asleep, and woke up from the blows and kicks. The offenders threatened to kill the man. When the Ukrainians lost consciousness, he was put in …

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