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Misted: why is it important to dry the car in the winter


Along with the cold comes back and a typical winter problem — moisten and freeze the glass of the car. Not everyone knows but if you do not give her any attention, it can cause very unexpected consequences. Glass condensate It is clear that when the windshield is sweating inside …

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Five foods that need to eat in the winter


The middle of winter, begins to noticeably dry and peel off the skin, the nails become brittle, we often feel sluggish, spoiled the mood — which speaks to the deficiency of essential vitamins such as A, C and E. Where can you find them? One of the available sources is …

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Ukraine: hot winter


This year Ukraine will remain in the top three of the hot spots on the world map. Will only be worse in Syria and Iraq. It is the forecast of experts of the authoritative American magazine Foreign Policy. The authors do not exclude the radical deterioration of the situation in …

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Piker on the eve of winter


November is quite normal in terms of fishing month. On a float in deep lakes and oxbows still active biting roach and bream, and large rivers and sometimes bream on the feeder polivaet. But I want to tell about the experience not the usual fishing for themselves called feeder jig. …

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