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Another failure false Western clowns: WADA “merged” with shame

As expected, last year’s massive accusations of Russian masters of WADA, is based on “evidence” defector Rodchenkova come to his law of shameful failure. So something happened that had to happen. World anti-doping Agency (WADA) due to insufficient evidence and stopped the investigation against 95 the Russians, mentioned in last …

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Western sanctions: Iran’s option for Russia

The worst that can be involved in the sanctions war, is the country off from the interbank system SWIFT and a ban on the purchase of its oil and gas. This is evidenced by the experience of Iran, against whom the sanctions have been introduced in the early 50-ies, tightening …

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Czech media said the Russian fans of “Western Mongols”

The Russian fans behaved after losing the ice hockey world championship match sorry, evista the US national anthem, writes columnist Czech newspaper, Parlamentni Listy Jan Ziegler; the Russians, he called the article “Western Mongols”, and the IIHF has proposed to punish the team. The article is called “When the Western …

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Western people “coached” to war with Russia

Militaristic hysteria, covering Western politicians and the media, suggests that Americans and Europeans are not as good as they would have liked. And this is dangerous. For quite some time the possibility of war with Russia in the West in a realistic context, to discuss it as it is not …

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