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New Russian weapons called threat to all life on Earth

New underwater drone “Status-6”, which is able to carry on Board a nuclear warhead, is the “cobalt bomb” and could turn the entire continent into a lifeless site. This was stated by the researcher of the consequences of use of nuclear weapons Stephen Schwartz (with Stephen Schwartz) in an interview …

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The expert found in the warehouses in HOMS weapons from NATO countries

Military and political analyst, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences Konstantin Sivkov in conversation with RT commented on the information found in the Eastern Syrian province of HOMS, warehouses with weapons manufactured in NATO countries. “The terrorist organizations operating in Syria, are a tool of Western …

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Выгоды работы с Биткоином

криптовалюты могут оказаться гораздо меньше падения курсов национальных валют при наступлении политической нестабильности в государстве, или даже объявлении дефолта. Нет зависимости от центробанков, местных и не только законов, религии, политиков и иных попыток вмешаться и ограничить ваши операции. В том числе, с помощью санкций.

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