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Газгольдер часто встречается в частных домах

Газгольдер – название было заимствовано с английского языка. Gas – газ и holder – держатель, обладатель. Под громким наименование скрывается всего навсего, резервуар хранения газообразного вещества. Чаще всего, жильцы частных домов в подобные емкости закачивают и хранят: природный или сжиженный газ. Отопительные системы, в составе которых установлены твердотопливные или работающие …

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Smart watch Huawei flaunt touch bezel

Huawei received a patent for a new wearable device smart wrist watch with enhanced functionality. No, they do not have an antenna for the TV, despite the Chinese origin, but there is a touch bezel feature that no one watches in the world. In the description of the patent of …

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In Russia, watch sports only in the name of patriotism

The Russian people are invincible. When was the Olympics in Sochi, all competed in watching its television broadcasts. Four years have passed, and they all want to compete in rasmotrenii broadcasts of the Olympics. This means only one thing — the population in Russia, the sport just doesn’t like. Not …

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The government will impose smart watch a new tax

The Russian authorities, who began to gather with us for 100 rubles per day on domestic resorts, has come up with a way of obtaining money. This time they decided to levy tax on the owners of smart watches, and the proposal was made by the Ministry of Finance. The …

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Smart watch Stark does not need to charge

Stark announced smart watch, which is currently possible to sponsor on Kickstarter. The device is interesting because it does not need to charge, plus it costs only $ 40, with almost in no way inferior much more expensive counterparts. Stark watches can work with smartphones based on Android and iOS …

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