Thursday , October 18 2018
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Voter turnout in the Vladimir region exceeded 15%

A slightly higher turnout marks election Commission of the Vladimir region in the second round of elections of the Governor. As of 12:00 Moscow time, it was of 15.27%. Two hours earlier, the turnout was of 5.22% compared to 4.31% on September 9. The electoral Commission argue that voting takes …

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The WEF 2018, Vladimir Putin can expect a Packed program

In preparation for the fourth Eastern economic forum, which will be held 11-13 September in Vladivostok, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that his part is waiting for thorough negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The plans of the Japanese delegation not only to discuss a number of problematic issues …

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Vladimir Medinsky, the Minister of barbarism and propaganda

May 18, Vladimir Putin re-appointed to the post of Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, whose historical revisionism, hatred of modern art and unbridled authoritarianism is now well-known in Russian and international artistic circles. This decision confirms that to achieve their goals the master of the Kremlin uses the heroic and …

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Vladimir Putin saved the Russian economy from investment scams

About improving the business climate in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said more than once. And there was another important reason to take concrete steps to improve the business environment. Putin signed a decree that Russian investors with dual nationality no longer have the right to enjoy the benefits …

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Как будем отапливать коттедж

Выбор автономного отопления для коттеджа или частного дома зависит от нескольких факторов. А именно: Возможность подключения к центральной системе газоснабжения или электросети. Технические условия здания.

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Не все знают как правильно выбрать обувь для малыша

Сегодня в магазинах можно встретить огромное количество самой разнообразной обуви. Почти вся она красивая, удобная встречается реже, а вот ПОЛЕЗНУЮ обувь встретить можно совсем нечасто. Наряду с этим многие наслышаны о чудесной так называемой «ортопедической обуви», которая якобы может разом одолеть все ваши недуги, в которой вы сразу же почувствуете …

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