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Agreement and protests: the meeting of “Big twenty” in Germany

In Hamburg ended the summit of “Big twenty”, which this year was attended by 19 States, Germany is not visited by the representatives of Saudi Arabia. In international fora of G20, to be held from 2008, have traditionally paid attention to global issues: global economic growth, international trade, climate change, …

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The mission of the writer in the twenty-first century

Some believe that the mission of a writer is to entertain, others believe – to educate, others to defend their homeland. Someone convinced that the writer must give people the truth and expose lies. And someone is convinced: “darkness low truths we have more elevating deception”. Writer Alexander Melikhov considers …

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How to kill and defend themselves in the twenty-first century

15 weapons of the future: soldiers of darkness, fighting beetles and other wonders As you know, the best defense is a good offence. On the eve of defender of the Fatherland Day, we talk about weapons of the future. Today, these technologies seem fantastic, but development is already underway (according …

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Twenty reasons to fall in love with Romania. Photo

You will want to see this country with my own eyes. Romania is a real gem, filled with pristine forests and epic mountains, and its majestic castles reminiscent of a rich medieval history. Somewhere here, according to legend, lived the mysterious count Dracula. This is one of the most mysterious …

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Twenty years of wretchedness and poverty

The Ministry of economic development sent the Ministry of Finance the long-term forecast of socio-economic situation in the country before 2035. The trends predicted by analysts, the MAYOR, is not comforting — the next 20 years Russia will face stagnation. However, the forecast considers three scenarios of development of events …

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