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There is such a profession: America bury…

For 4 years in a row we have come articles and TV spots full of die-hard optimism about the imminent collapse of America under the weight of its own mistakes and crimes. A promise it is already tomorrow, undeterred by the fact that such flimsy and screen of prophecy two …

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In June there was a record collapse in consumer sentiment

Consumer moods of Russians for 10 years as negative. Last time compatriots gave a positive assessment of their financial situation in 2008. A bright future the Russians stopped believing and waiting for a new crisis. The market research center of the Institute for statistical studies and Economics of knowledge, HSE …

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Russia in the West remained one. Soon there will not be it

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Russia for talks with Vladimir Putin almost immediately after his visit to the United States. The politician revealed that Berlin continues the dialogue with Moscow in their own interests, not intending in the framework of solidarity with the Americans to abandon contacts with its …

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Необходимая при строительстве стеновая опалубка

Строительство из монолитного бетона ведется уже долгие годы. Такие конструкции требуют меньших финансовых затрат при сохранении всех качеств надежности и прочности. В современном градостроительстве монолитное возведение стен, перекрытий получило широкое распространение, дав возможность увеличить этажность построек и планировку помещений.

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None of us will know until he is not there

To become a staff of school No. 7, in the courtyard of the “Winter cherry”, quite a few people. Relatives of the victims gathered in the sports hall and dining room. In total a few dozen people. According to emergency workers, with relatives working 44 psychologist – Kemerovo, Moscow and …

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There is no militarisation, and will not

“The development of the appearance of the newest Russian submarine “Borey-B” returned to the experts. At USC acknowledged that is presented at the end of last year, the option was “not very with the point of view of the Economics of the project”. I therefore repeat hotheads from demshizy, howling …

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