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Vertu has launched the sale of the collection of their phone


In the middle of this summer, the company Vertu has announced the launch of the bankruptcy procedure and termination of their ultraderecha smartphones. Today it was announced about readiness to sell a huge collection of their mobile devices, which includes models produced in the period from 2002 to 2015 inclusive. …

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HIV infected were left without their medications


People with HIV are left without their medication. The catastrophic situation in Perm and Yekaterinburg More than 40% of people living with a diagnosis of “human immunodeficiency Virus”, has faced over the past year with the lack of treatment for HIV — these are the results of extensive research conducted …

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Putin and shooting at their own feet


The story of the US sanctions showed that the Kremlin no able to make any dvuhhodovki. Shooting own foot is the main sport in Russia during the reign of Putin. Even “expulsion of seven hundred American diplomats” were the bombing of Voronezh. It turned out — the thing — that …

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“Their own struggle” of Rospotrebnadzor


The CPS has published on its website recommendations for visitors to the barbershop. “Currently in Russia are becoming a popular barbershop is beauty salons exclusively for men, where you can make cut to shape moustache and beard, shave” — found in the Department. In Russia’s recent history this has not …

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Russian live surrounded by myths about their own history


British historian Orlando Figes (Orlando Figes) – Professor at London University Birkbeck, the author of many books about Russia, spoke about whether it is possible to understand Russia, why Russia fears the West and why the West today faces challenges. The well-known formula of Winston Churchill describing Russia: “a puzzle …

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Young people are packing their suitcases


Every tenth inhabitant of Russia wants to leave for permanent residence in Europe, USA, China and Australia. Among young people the share of potential emigrants, and even reaches 25%. Abroad attracts people in the first place, a high standard of living, while in Russia the compatriots do not expect to …

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American police do not spare bullets for their citizens


According to the newspaper The Washington Post, US police shot and killed nearly 500 people in six months. According to the newspaper, a total of police officers shot and killed 492 people in six months, that is almost identical to the same indicator in the past two years. As noted, …

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Turkey and Iran to restore their Empire


It is obvious that Turkey intends to use the crisis over Qatar to return to the Persian Gulf region. This once-distant suburbs of the Ottoman Empire can become a base for military expansion and political influence of Ankara. In this similar game lead and the other heirs of the great …

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