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Putin has suggested to create in Chersonesos Russian Mecca

Vladimir Putin Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti Chersonesos became the framework and basis for the strengthening of the Russian statehood, it is necessary to create “Russian Mecca”. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with scientists in the nature reserve “Chersonese”, reports”Interfax”. “Here you need to …

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Fillon suggested that Russia “resolutely new cooperation”

The candidate for President of France former Prime Minister Francois Fillon is ready to offer Russia decisively new relationship to work together to defeat ISIS*. He stated this during a rally in the town of Compiegne. “Russia, I propose, directly and decisively, a new cooperation, offer to end the cold …

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Therapists suggested how to do inhalation at a cold

Traditional medicine has nothing against Pets inhalation, relieving nasal congestion and eliminating a bad cold and cough. Steam inhalation demand is not the first century, because they are simple to use and does not require any special skills that people teach in medical universities. Even a teenager, already knowing what …

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Ophthalmologists suggested the best methods of conservation

These methods anyone can use to improve your vision or at least to let him deteriorate. Books — echoes of the past, now society has shifted to electronics, the negative impact of which is already proven by scientists. Radiation from monitors, tablets, computers, laptops and smartphones damage eyesight and to …

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Doctors suggested to protect the heart in the fall

Seasonal products are a good alternative to drugs which can restore the health of the heart and blood vessels. Take care of your health we have from the youth and it is a known fact. The cardiovascular system is most vulnerable, so she needs to provide proper care. Especially “suffer” …

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