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Chinese space station falls to Earth

Science channel Science Verge writes that at the end of March 2018 Chinese space station Tiangong-1 will fall to the Ground. This event is remarkable from several factors: <ol> This is a very large object. It weighs about 8.5 tons. Completely burn in the atmosphere, he can not. According to …

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In 2022 will be a new Russian space platform

The manufacturer has already received pre-orders from India, Singapore and Indonesia for five satellites. The interdepartmental group on the development and implementation of the National technology initiative approved the draft of the Russian private space company “Dauria aerospace”. She plans to create a telecommunications platform to launch satellites into orbit, …

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BQ Space X: frameless smartphone in a metal case

Frameless smartphones is a trend 2017 and now 2018, and the company BQ, known on the Russian market, has not remained aloof from it. A few days ago, she presented a model Space X with newfangled screen, 18:9, complemented by all-metal housing and very good cameras. In fact, BQ Space …

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How much space

Many believe that space is expensive and impractical. But actually this is not always the case. So today I would like 20 examples show how does the cost of space missions with something closer to our “earthly” life. Note: prices are inclusive of cost of maintenance of the apparatus and …

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The Russian space program. On the porch, but with my mug

While we were laughing at Elon Musk, Russia fell back to third place in the world by number of space launches, behind the US and China. Government bravely announced: in the center of Moscow will be vending machines selling food for astronauts, who will now be able to enjoy every …

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Space and bad feeling

Center them. Khrunichev will lead a PhD with a thesis on the Belgian feature “the mill” If the state Duma sitting MPs with doctoral degrees, bought in an underground passage under Kievsky railway station, is worthy of laughter, but nothing more. However, in a situation which will be discussed below, …

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