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Egg shells — great source of calcium

There is a strong opinion that the chicken eggshell is very useful. Someone even crushes and drinks like vitamins. Scientists have long confirmed that it is the ideal source of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body. By the way, in ancient medical reference in the healing of many …

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Source: August 18, TV channel Life the last working day

Previously RBC reported that the media project plans to reduce news broadcasting, which will result in reduction of staff   MOSCOW, August 18. /TASS/. The TV station “life” on Friday, August 18, the last working day, after which its broadcasts will be discontinued, but will remain for other projects. This …

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Scientists have found an unexpected source of happiness

American scientists have found that a daily serving of fruit and vegetables has a positive effect on the level of life satisfaction.For anybody not a secret that vegetables and fruits are very useful for our body, especially now that the experts have proven that a healthy diet contributes to a …

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Discovered a possible source of alien life

Scientists have hypothesized that cosmic rays could be the source of alien life. All earth organisms, to a greater or lesser extent, fed by solar energy. Some can do it without any help, others needed for this is the work of others. That is why it has been suggested that …

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The book was a source of longevity

Scientists have found that reading books (in contrast to reading periodicals) significantly prolongs life. Research on this topic is presented in the journal Social Science & Medicine, and briefly about it reports The Guardian. The study included 3635 persons aged 50 years and older. They were split into three groups: …

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