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Flagship smartphone LG Judy the sound it deserves

Smartphone LG Judy, a child of the current flagship of LG G6, displays a sound level of mobile communications to a whole new level, according to information from insiders. It will build Boomsound speakers, which will contribute to output clean sound with a good “Nizami”, to the extent possible in …

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Hunting books as a consistent and sound policy

Russia is constantly hard and fighting terrorism. On the distant approaches within the country. Security officials regularly warn of the detained terrorists, and prevented terrorist attacks. And it’s not a myth (or not all is a myth). There are terrorists, terrorist attacks cannot always be prevented. Any of us, regardless …

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What foods can interfere with sound sleep

Experts have listed the main “friends” of insomnia. Eliminate them from your dinner! We all know that coffee at night can not drink. Many people are not that at night, even in the second half of the day pass on the drink for a good night’s sleep. However, coffee is …

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Northern lights has a special sound – scientists

Researchers from Finland have recorded the sound of the Aurora. Experts from Finland for 17 years, conducted research designed to answer the question of whether such a beautiful natural phenomenon as Northern lights, from making any sounds. Unexpectedly, they managed to get the sound coming from the illumination of what …

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IPhone 7 complain of problems with sound

Users complained of poor sound iPhone 7 during calls.Owners of smartphones line the iPhone 7 have started to complain about the poor sound during phone conversations. Many complaints have been posted on the forums dedicated to the art of “Apple” of the manufacturer. Owners of the iPhone 7 note that …

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Physicists have learned to manipulate objects with sound

For this, they used a sequence of frequencies at which the objects moved along the nodal lines for the calculated trajectories.Scientists have learned to control the movement of objects using sound. Due to the high accuracy method, the researchers managed to even write the words, by controlling the objects through …

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