Sunday , December 17 2017
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Smartphone Blackview BV9000 Pro got an elongated screen

Display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 we’re used to seeing in the thin smartphones with the minimum dimensions of the framework, but today he was discovered in the new smartphone Blackview BV9000 Pro. This model is characterized by a rugged housing, and the frame of the screen here still …

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Autumn green screen

As a former RT employee, who on Russian television learned profession, I’m extremely uncomfortable to comment on the legitimacy of the ultimatum that the channel received from the US authorities. In order to talk about possible grounds for this decision I have to archaic notions of loyalty and sincere respect …

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Big screen, low price: discounts on phablets Xiaomi and OnePlus

The larger the smartphone screen, the objectively better, but within reasonable limits: to use the Internet more convenient, the Navigator, too, and to chat messenger more fun, due to the larger keyboard buttons. If your smartphone’s screen less than 5.2 inch, it’s time to upgrade, and the online store you …

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Apple iPhone screen X is also susceptible to fading

Google screwed the pooch by releasing a smartphone Pixel 2 XL for $ 1,000, the screen burns out due to manufacturing defects. On this subject pakipili all and Sundry, and now it’s time, haapiti on Apple iPhone X, which, as it turns out, may also fade. On possible, we emphasize …

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