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Anatomy Of A Scoop. Essay 2. The effect of curb

In the popular series about Dr. Quinn, medicine woman with the Wild West, one of the first series is such a strange episode. The villagers tell the doctor that the Queen, as they were lynched, hung some of his neighbor, because he dug up on the site well. The story …

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Patriots as belching Scoop

When we visited the historical Museum, which exhibits primarily attract us? Maps of political boundaries? The list of kings? The names of the generals? All this is certainly interesting, if really interesting story. But the first thing we look is how people lived that era. What they wore, what dishes …

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“Scoop” is very much alive?

Stalin almost 60 years in the grave, but his tireless Michurinskiy activity for the removal of Homo Soveticus is still bearing fruit. The Origin Of Homo Soveticus According to historian Andrei Zubov, Homo Soveticus was the result of a deeply negative selection: “the Best, most honest and cultural were killed …

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Why all this discussion about Scoop?

I have live in the Soviet Union. With 1948. Working since 1963, all workers. I started with 15 years as a laborer in LPH Islenska and finished test engines on Yazd. in 2008. And in a coffin I saw happening in the Soviet Union, and not to think about it. …

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What does the word “scoop”?

In contrast to the current “scoop” mired in the swamp of senility, I remember those days (mid 70-ies), when the word “scoop” is given in the face… Please tell me You remember this? But You lived in USSR and know everything about Soviet life! [however, for some reason, only good!] …

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