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Women live longer, and science really does not know why

Worldwide women live longer than men. This biological advantage may be due to their dominant role in reproduction, writes the journalist of Le Figaro, Anne of Prigen. To hope for membership in the club “superstrata”, it is better to be a woman. The advantage of this so-called weaker sex in …

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Немного про взрывобезопасный инструмент

Слесарно – монтажный инструмент – незаменимая вещь при мелком или капитальном ремонте. Он нужен как дома, так и на крупнейших предприятиях. Если в домашних условиях на надежность, качество инструмента мало кто обращает внимание, то на производстве следует очень внимательно относиться к слесарно – монтажному инструменту.

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Science fiction

On September 26 took place the elections of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Contenders, of which there were five, advanced programs, appeared quite similar to one another, and time to turn attention to the need to expand the powers of the Academy, raise its status, the intensification …

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Science evolves along with the economy

Today, the media often write about the threat posed to humanity by artificial intelligence. If you look wider — is it possible to create something that will surpass our own intelligence? Alferov: I recently thought a lot about education and ideas related to nanotechnology and nanoelectronics. Any computer consists of …

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