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Russia doubled its trade with North Korea despite sanctions


Russia is stepping up economic support to North Korea despite Pyongyang imposed sanctions in an effort to keep afloat the regime of Kim Jong-UN and save it from economic isolation and bankruptcy, sought by the West and the United States.As reports Reuters, citing close to the Kremlin sources, Moscow is …

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New U.S. economic sanctions will strike Russia 28 Nov


New restrictions on the financing of banks and companies in the oil and gas sector of Russia will start to operate on November 28. This was stated by the US Treasury Department. The Ministry said that the financing term Russian energy companies will be shortened from 90 to 60 days. …

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Australia has extended sanctions against Russia


The Australian government took the decision to extend financial sanctions against individuals and companies responsible for the threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. On Friday, September 22, UKRINFORM reported. According to the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia Nikolay Kulinich, the decision of the Australian government on the extension …

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US sanctions: Cuban option for Russia


The United States will not lift sanctions against Russia. Looks like it’s time to get used to the idea. But to add new bans can. This is illustrated by the example of Cuba living under the “stars and stripes” blockade since 1960. What surprises sanctions should Russia expect from US …

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Russia is preparing a response to tougher US sanctions


The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia is considering retaliatory measures to be adopted in the U.S. of a bill toughening anti-Russian sanctions. This was stated by the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in an interview with TV channel “Rain”. “As for sanctions that are introduced, as …

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New US sanctions will bring the Russian economy to collapse


New us sanctions will lead to a gradual systemic collapse of the current Russian economic model, as it will strike first of all on the energy sector. This was in an article for the weekly “Mirror of week” writes presidential adviser, Director of the National Institute for strategic studies, academician …

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Western sanctions: Iran’s option for Russia


The worst that can be involved in the sanctions war, is the country off from the interbank system SWIFT and a ban on the purchase of its oil and gas. This is evidenced by the experience of Iran, against whom the sanctions have been introduced in the early 50-ies, tightening …

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Fake: anti-Russian sanctions in Europe is not enough oil


“Vesti” published an article entitled “No Russian butter croissants and muffins in Europe for Christmas will be Golden.” Referring to the CNN report, the authors note, write: “European confectioners are sounding the alarm: serious crisis with the oil they predict a sharp increase in the price of croissants, scones and …

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