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New US sanctions will bring the Russian economy to collapse


New us sanctions will lead to a gradual systemic collapse of the current Russian economic model, as it will strike first of all on the energy sector. This was in an article for the weekly “Mirror of week” writes presidential adviser, Director of the National Institute for strategic studies, academician …

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Western sanctions: Iran’s option for Russia


The worst that can be involved in the sanctions war, is the country off from the interbank system SWIFT and a ban on the purchase of its oil and gas. This is evidenced by the experience of Iran, against whom the sanctions have been introduced in the early 50-ies, tightening …

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Fake: anti-Russian sanctions in Europe is not enough oil


“Vesti” published an article entitled “No Russian butter croissants and muffins in Europe for Christmas will be Golden.” Referring to the CNN report, the authors note, write: “European confectioners are sounding the alarm: serious crisis with the oil they predict a sharp increase in the price of croissants, scones and …

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US sanctions always lead to war. Scenario 3-World


Another way America can preserve its influence The President of the United States Donald trump signed the bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. In Congress for a new law voted with such an overwhelming majority that the powers of the President trump to impose on him …

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Turkey threatens Russia with sanctions over the tomato embargo


Experts suggest that Turkey could “cover” the second branch of the Russian gas pipeline “Turkish stream” that leads to Europe due to the tomato embargo. That the Turkish authorities are determined to meet Russia “for tomatoes” by any limitations, said Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of economy of Turkey. The official noted …

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Sanctions against the “putinowi” justified


Ordinary Russians are mostly hurting their own power At the beginning of the 21st century relations between the United States and Russia were quite satisfactory. The American armed forces even used to fly to Afghanistan the Russian airspace. That all changed in 2008, when Russian, for example, bombed civilians in …

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