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Cost phablet named Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung is actually adopted the cost of your new smartphone Galaxy Note 8, which debuts later this summer. She has already alerted its partners, including distributors, saying that the price will be 4-digit. New Samsung Galaxy No

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Bluboo also copied the Samsung S8


Korean Samsung’s flagship S8 was so pleased with the Korean manufacturers of the smartphones of the third tier, they one by one began to copy it. Yesterday we were shown a mobile phone Leagoo KIICAA S8, the pre-announcement Bluboo S8. Smartphone Bluboo S8 is very similar to the original Samsung …

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Samsung has released a folding smartphone Galaxy Folder 2


Korean vendor Samsung introduced a new smartphone Galaxy Folder 2 — not a candy bar, but a real clamshell-like in the good old days. It even has a hardware keyboard for easy dialing phones and text and it, importantly, was released in its international version. Previously Samsung Galaxy 2 Folder …

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Smartphone Leagoo KIICAA S8 S8 copied from Samsung


The company Leagoo has developed a new smartphone KIICAA S8, what did not fail to inform in his Twitter account. This phone looks pretty familiar, because it is a modern clone of the flagship Samsung S8, which is reflected even in its title. According to official data, smartphone Leagoo KIICAA …

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Declassified “face” of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung Galaxy Note 8, announcement of which is expected in late August or early September of this year, still appeared in the photo with his back side — the front panel has been hidden from the public eye. Today the network has finally leaked an image of its front, but …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will get a top iron


Samsung is working on a new brutal Galaxy S8 Active, and today new details have become known about its electronic stuffing. Contrary to previous rumors, the device will build on the best hardware in 2017, so he is quite able to compete with the “civilian” version of S8 that is …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the most advanced chip


This autumn the world will introduce a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to replace the failed Note 8 and will rise in line with the flagship of the S8 and S8+. But, in addition to a very large screen, this mobile phone will receive another distinction from the next …

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