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Palm oil and abandoned fields: why is burning Russia?

If you look from space to the Kaliningrad region, offers a surprising picture: it is covered with dense foci of natural fires, whereas in the neighboring countries – Poland and Lithuania – does not burn practically nothing. This difference is so distinct and significant that the phenomenon has caught the …

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In Russia have nowhere to go

Winter in Russia has nowhere to go. And nowhere in the summer. And in spring and autumn. I can’t say that everywhere that’s a bad thing. On the contrary, almost everywhere is definitely something really great, but the toilet is closed. Or everything is fine, but the food is bad. …

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Легкие речные круизы

Преимущества речных круизов очевидны, особенно для России с ее огромной речной акваторией. Выигрыш здесь не только в финансовом плане, но и в плане посещения гораздо большего количества мест, у каждого из которых вас ждет своя незабываемая атмосфера. Если говорить конкретно о России, то здесь наиболее популярны круизы по Волге, с …

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Power in Russia: Money and positions of officials inherited

The hopes of Russians expect from the new government of a breakthrough, the development of the country to come true, apparently, not meant to be. But even worse is that some appointments confirmed the sad guess — money and power in the country transferred within the Corporation and senior officials …

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Russia will say goodbye to MediaMarkt

In the very near future in Russia, a network of shops of home appliances and electronics less. As it became known, the market is in a hurry leaving the company MediaMarkt. MediaMarkt is a German project, and the company has already decided the question of selling all built by it …

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In Russia came gaming laptop MSI Stealth GS65 Thin

MSI introduced a new gaming laptop Stealth GS65 Thin with the interesting feature of having very powerful hardware, it also features a standard body thickness and the minimum for its class weight. In addition, its screen is framed by a relatively thin frame. The display of the new MSI Stealth …

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