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Russia is played by children


People are freaking out because of the low standard of living, falling incomes and lack of prospects: someone drinking hawthorn, someone- injure a defenseless. Proletarian writer Gorky believed that the measure of civilization is the respect of the woman. Since then, on the historical scale has flowed quite a bit …

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Is it possible the other Russia?


Great-power ambitions and greed of the ruling elite does not allow you to build a developed welfare state, which would like to live people. Various opinion polls consistently show that the number of supporters of a liberal market economy, which not long ago was the dream of Russians is decreasing …

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In Russia will create criptural, not mine


In our country, will create the domestic cryptocurrency, which has received the preliminary name “scriptural”. On its early release, ordered one whose name cannot be called, however, cryptool will never be an alternative to bitcoin, if only because it is not mine. As you know, mining is the essence of …

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10 things that surprised the Americans in Russia


Jennifer and Tim – a couple of avid travelers. Together they visited over 60 countries and 4 continents. Could surprise Russia after such a diversity of cultures, peoples and countries? Of course, Yes! Jennifer and Tim have created a list of 10 really fun and unique things in Russia that …

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Everything you need to know about modern Russia


Research holding “ROMIR” has published data on the consumption of the Russians. With the exception of Central and North-Western districts, where the figures are clearly hypertrophied by the presence of two capitals, the average check of Russians/ins when going to the store is 425-467 rubles — 6,2-7,0 Euro. For the …

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In Russia soon will appear scriptural


In the near future Russia will release its own cryptocurrency, called “scriptural”. That this decision was made by the President of Russia, announced the Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov at a meeting in Moscow of the Metropolitan club. Nikiforov said that legislative support for this document already …

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