Thursday , October 18 2018
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In Russia have nowhere to go

Winter in Russia has nowhere to go. And nowhere in the summer. And in spring and autumn. I can’t say that everywhere that’s a bad thing. On the contrary, almost everywhere is definitely something really great, but the toilet is closed. Or everything is fine, but the food is bad. …

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In Russia is gaining momentum clandestine euthanasia

Some call euthanasia the right to a dignified death, someone legalized murder and a terrible sin. And to find out what it really is. God forbid anyone. Officially, euthanasia and assisted suicide is permitted only in a few countries – Belgium (since 2002), Netherlands, Switzerland (1942), five US States, Luxembourg …

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Iranian oil goes through Russia in spite of America

Russia plans to help Iran to bypass U.S. sanctions. About it, according to the Israeli newspaper, citing a secret document of Israel’s foreign Ministry, agreed that Russia, Iran and Turkey during the meeting of heads of States in Tehran. Author Dana Weiss on his Twitter page, reports that Iran …

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Shut it down: Russia stopped supplying oil to Belarus

Since November, Russia will stop supplies to Belarus gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, restriction will be valid until the end of next year. As explained in the Ministry of energy, duty-free exports of oil products to Belarus impractical — the Republic fully satisfies its needs in petroleum products by processing …

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The MAYOR: the growth Rate of Russia’s GDP slowed sharply

The growth rate of Russia’s GDP in August 2018 slowed to 1% yoy from 1.8% a month earlier. This assessment is contained in prepared Ministry of economic development (MED) of the Russian monitoring “the economy. September”. As stated in the review “the main contribution to the slowdown of growth in …

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