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Good moves Putin left


Moscow expects that international organizations will be delivered to Syria humanitarian aid to civilians, said the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu. “Today we say: “In zones of de-escalation (help) bring, everything is open. If you can’t take, we’ll bring it.” But we can’t be mom and dad. So …

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Yulia Latynina: Putin is gone good luck


Here, in my opinion, something happened and Putin is gone good luck. Because here, in the first 15 years of the Putin presidency, in General, extremely lucky. And, not that the government behaves differently. Show completely… Remember businessman Kolesnikov, who tells us that in the first year of Putin’s rule, …

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The Syrian gambit: USA start, Putin wins


The United States and the Western coalition whose aim was quite simple – to destabilize and capture the middle East region, continue to play Russia on all fronts in Syria. Another “checkmate” Putin – sending two thousand “contractors” to help Assad’s army to protect the Syrian borders with Israel and …

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Putin, like Brezhnev


Apparently, the Putin era will be longer than the era of Brezhnev. Those who lived then, I remember that it seemed endless. Putin once again it’s only the beginning. Welcome parades, participate in military rituals followed by a visit to churches renovated as costly oligarchic property occupies an increasing part …

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Putin launched a retaliatory triple blow


Politics, the latest news today 5th August. In response to repeatedly imposed sanctions against Russia the United States, Moscow is preparing a triple riposte, reported in the media. In the future, Russia and China BRICS plan to abandon the dollar in mutual settlements, which would mean the decline of the …

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The Russian oligarchs were given 180 days to remedy Putin?


“Nord stream – 2”, the oil and gas sector, banking sector and other sectors – all this stuff That’s the main thing:   The Minister of Finance in coordination with the Director of national intelligence and the Secretary of state not later than 180 days after enactment, and annually thereafter, …

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Putin announced the reduction of pressure on business


Unscheduled inspections should not take longer than 10 days, and they should not be more than 30 percent of the number planned. Need to limit myself checked, and in addition, to adjust the issue with the prolonged maintenance of businessmen under guards – if there is no active investigation, the …

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