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Russian Professor called stealing U.S. technology

Russian Professor called stealing USA technology: If the Americans did to us, let us break the law Head of the school of Oriental studies, University “Higher school of Economics” Alexey Maslov said that Russia should use the methods of the Soviet Union by stealing American development In connection with the …

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Professor Katasonov: As Russia will take foreign assets

Against the backdrop of endless appeals and statements of the authorities about “economic breakthrough” and “economic growth” the process of robbing Russia does not stop for one day or one minute. It would seem that after the publication in the USA of the so-called “Kremlin report” our tops would have …

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Professor rein trump and brought Putin to surrender

On may 24 the British newspaper Financial Times published an article with the intriguing title “the Visit of three EU gives a chance for the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict.” We are talking about an interview with a former special assistant to President Barack Obama on issues of national security, …

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Professor of U.S. In Moscow, I felt like a man. Thanks To Stalin!

American architect Robert stern admire the architecture of the era of Stalinism: “Stalin’s architecture was Grand! It produces excellent urban space. Any Stalin-era building looks monumental, even if it is an ordinary residential house, not an office building. He had a vision and understanding that every choice for life should …

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Professor from the UK was named the best coast in the world

British scientist and Professor of medicine David Holmes found the best coastline in the world. According to experts, the main assessment criteria are: visibility of the horizon, the color of the sea or ocean, the quality and purity of the sand, the level of the environment, as well as interesting …

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