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Space probe to look for life on Europa

It is believed that under the thick layer of ice Europe is a deep salty ocean. The spacecraft, which will fly past the moons of Jupiter Europe, can detect traces of life, if it is there. For this purpose, the probe needs to carry out the analysis of substances emitted …

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Scientists told about the fate of the lost probe Beagle 2

Scientists believe that the probe couldn’t get in touch with the Earth. Scientists claim that the predecessor Schiaparelli probe Beagle 2, which was launched by the European space Agency in 2003, crashed on Mars, and just could not get in touch with the Earth. To such conclusion researchers have come …

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ESA podtverdila the death of Russian-European probe landing on Mars

19 Oct TGO entered the orbit of Mars. Schiaparelli landing module (“list”) Russian-European mission “ExoMars-2016” crashed while landing on Mars, reports the European space Agency (ESA). In a statement posted on the official website of the ESA, stated that NASA found the intended place of landing of the module. “Schiaparelli …

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The Juno space probe approached Jupiter

The space probe Juno is currently approaching Jupiter as close as never before. NASA claim that their space research probe is located at a distance of 4, 2 thousand kilometers from Jupiter. This is the closest distance on which ever managed to come close to earth objects to the earth. …

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