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What will happen with gas prices?

As reported by the Federal service of state statistics, motor fuel last month has risen “most notably among the observed types of food products”. The price of natural gas for the month rose 7.1%, on gasoline of various grades of 1.8-2.1%, diesel went up by 1.9%. Recall that in may, …

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Gasoline prices rose in June as in may

Motor fuel in June 2018 has risen in Russia, most notably among all types of non-food items. As reported by Rosstat (Federal service of state statistics), the prices of motor fuels grew by 7.1%, on gasoline of various grades of 1.8 and 2.1%, diesel fuel – by 1.9%. In may, …

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Oil prices could soar above $ 150 a barrel

Reducing investments in exploration will eventually cause a catastrophic rise in oil prices. According to experts Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., at some point the market value of raw materials can exceed $ 150 per barrel. In particular, according to the Agency Bloomberg with reference to these experts, due to …

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Prices for communal inflated, where is the money?

The first of July song the roar of the world Cup in Russia again increased the tariffs for housing and communal services. And ordinary citizens, groping for a last rubles in their continuing tomate purses, more wonder — how is it that the quality of these services is not growing, …

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Расслабляющий эротический массаж

Все мы знаем о пользе массажа, но немногие используют в своей жизни эротический массаж, так как это больше относится к культуре Востока. В древние времена знали, что воздействие на определённые точки тела не только полезно, но и приятно. В Китае с помощью техники точечного массажа контролировали эрекцию у мужчин, продлевая …

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