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Petrol, wheat, sugar: that rises in price faster than inflation

Cabbage, carrots, millet, gasoline and sugar were the most quickly growing products this year. The consumer price index since the beginning of the year grew by only 2.7%. While these products rose in price significantly – and in some case ten times – faster than the official inflation rate. According …

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How has the price of alcohol, after rising 2 Oct

2 October in Ukraine are increasing the minimum retail prices for alcohol. Some alcoholic drinks will rise in price up to 20%. According to the government decree, the minimum wholesale selling price of vodka is based on 1 liter of pure alcohol will increase by 19.5%, or 52,33 hryvnia – …

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Ukraine has increased the price of alcohol is 12.4 %

Prices on alcoholic beverages will rise by 12.4 % In Ukraine will increase the minimum wholesale release and retail prices on separate types of alcoholic beverages, in particular: – vodka and LIKERO-vodka products 12.4-19.6 per cent; whiskey, rum and gin by 12 %; – cognac (brandy) 6,6-9,5 %; – wine …

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When the price of oil falls to $65 per barrel

Oil prices fall for the third consecutive week. Experts believe that the pace of oil may again return to the line in the $65 and do not rule out that “black gold” will drag him and the ruble. Why oil became too much? Mid-July was sobering for the oil market. …

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Anatomy of a rumor: at any price to distract from pensions

Anatomy of a rumor: at any price to distract from pensions The main themes of the end of June — the football world Cup in Russia and the government’s decision to raise the retirement age. And they both still are “complete”. After about pension pseudoregma was announced on the opening …

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LG X2 – budget smartphone with a wrong price

The company LG has officially unveiled its new smartphone X2, attributed to the budget segment, if you look at its specifications. However, for the price this can’t be said, and it is unclear whether LG is simply wrong, or she got from HTC virus of greed. New LG X2 is …

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