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Physics of capitalism. Part 1

People tend to think of capitalism only in economic terms. Karl Marx argued that capitalism is a political and economic system that turns human productive labor to profit and income for those who own the means of production. Defenders of capitalism argue that capitalism is an economic system that promotes …

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Winners of the Nobel prize in physics

American scientists Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne and Barry Barish received the Nobel prize in physics for 2017. Scientists have established a laser-interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory LIGO, which has made possible experimental detection of gravitational waves.   Earlier it became known winners of the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine. The award …

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Patented violate the laws of physics engine

Briton Roger Scheuer, the inventor of the EmDrive engine, patented a new version of the unit. The device has still not received an explanation within the framework of conservation laws. A document describing the device is available on the website of intellectual property Office of great Britain. Patented Scheuer modification …

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Physics predict a major eruption of a volcano in Japan

The eruption of the volcano Sakurajima in Japan in a short time, predicts a team of physicists According to them, disaster can kill thousands of people that are close to settlements. This information became known on Tuesday from scientific publications EurekAlert! Studying the activity of magma and using the method …

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Physics weigh radioaktivnye resources

Few years, scientists will name the exact mass of radioactive inventory of the Earth. Physicists and geologists are planning to estimate the exact mass and volume of all stocks of radioactive elements within the crust, mantle and core of the Earth by 2025. It is assumed that by this time …

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