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The Russian foreign Ministry found inconsistencies in the suspect photo in the “case Skrypalia”

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia-1” pointed to inconsistencies in information on persons suspected of involvement in the poisoning of ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, promulgated by the British authorities on Wednesday. The Russian foreign Ministry questioned …

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Photo: asteroid Ryugu

  In late June, the Japanese interplanetary station “Hayabusa-2” (Hayabusa 2) entered the orbit of the asteroid Ryugu (162173 Ryugu). Yesterday, the Japanese space Agency has published two images of the asteroid from a distance of 20 km, as well as the first three-dimensional model of its surface. In the …

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A prototype Samsung Galaxy S10 is shown in the photo

In the network posted photos of a potential prototype of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10, before the announcement of which remained only six months. The authenticity of the picture in question, but the phone looks impressive. A prototype Samsung Galaxy S10 front is one big screen without frame, without …

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Has the first photo of a Chinese hypersonic fighter “Dark sword”

The Chinese Shenyang Aircraft company has posted the first photo of a hypersonic fighter Dark Sword (the”Dark sword”), according to the portal The Drive. New drone differs from other drones that combines high maneuverability and supersonic speed, low radar visibility. The publication suggests that the Dark Sword is equipped with …

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Published photo case for smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7

The network posted a picture of the case for the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7 – apparently, brand. The mobile phone in picture not included, but even its accessory can tell a lot about him. In particular, the Xiaomi Mi 7 no headphone connector – cut it there is neither …

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Рассмотрим виды флаконов

За время своей богатой истории человечество изобрело огромное количество продуктов, ставших необходимыми в различных сферах деятельности. При этом потребовалось соответствующее многообразие предметов для тарирования и упаковки. В пищевой, медицинской промышленности, при производстве парфюмерии, косметики, авто- и бытовой химии обрели свою неоспоримую нишу флаконы стеклянные и пластиковые.

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