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A question for the people of the Soviet Union


Had an argument: Lady: Never. Never reconcile peasant and landowner, worker and industrialist, the working man and parasite. I: And if the farmer suddenly get rich and become a landlord? *** For example, I have box, bag of wheat and a goat. And I really want the Maserati Ghibli, can’t …

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Than feed people in the Soviet canteens


Friends here write in PM, what is here is a very interesting topic about USSR — Soviet catering. In principle, this is acceptable, the theme is really quite extensive and interesting. Like many other spheres of Soviet life, catering existed in two forms — ideal-theoretical and real practical. In the …

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How people want to live Russia?


  Media project “New Russia” from the network edition Absolut TV held a national referendum on the choice of the advantages of”socialism” and “democracy” in our lives. The findings of this survey showed that people choose the following: “Democracy”: <ol> Free enterprise – 24,24%. The recognition of fundamental rights and …

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