Monday , June 25 2018
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Self-employed people can blow the foundations of Russian statehood

While the power of Putin’s Russia reports about the economic progress in the development of individual entrepreneurship and self-employment, scholars — on the contrary — beat about this concern. Doctor of economic Sciences, Professor, Institute of socio-economic population problems of RAS Valery V. Patsiorkovsky believes that the legal and the …

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Who are all these people?

On television States that there is a layer of gods, interesting to everyone, and there is everything else, the lot of them — to watch and to envy. It is desirable to silence. In our country actors and other “celebrities” form not only of mass culture, but also create information …

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Sick and beautiful at the expense of the people

High-ranking Russian bureaucrats and their “guests”. Russian state-owned companies carouse — 200 million ₽ bought football tickets. Of course, on the VIP stand, do not sit the home life among the mortals (although not very simple, the tickets for the world Cup in Moscow is very expensive). Show completely… But …

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New threat: young people undermines the system

Model of the behavior of Russian youth could have a negative impact on the foundations of the pension system, experts of the Central Bank This is because generation Y is willing to live here and now, not to make large savings, to spend money for pleasure, and from the model …

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A collective portrait of the Russian people

And Putin — well done. He just pointwise, that the fear of the wrath of the people is not worth it. The people will elect him forever, to suffer, to suffer, but instead of a protest — kneel to insanity. Enough of them on the idiot box all the time …

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