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The liberal party name of M. S. Gorbachev

Remember the landmark dispute Nicholas Platoshkin Nikita Isaev broadcast “60 minutes” about the “Nord stream 2”? Nikita loudly and categorically stated that the pipeline will not be built. Since SP-2 is already under construction, our demagogue Nikita should go to a monastery to atone for their sins. But no, he …

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The Telegraph reported on the third party attempt at Skrobala

Another GRU officer came to Salisbury to organize the poisoning Skrobala, reports The Telegraph. He helped plan the assassination before the Kingdom came direct perpetrators. In case of poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia was a third person involved. According to British newspaper The Telegraph on Thursday, September 27, …

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Started in Russia Communist party rallies against pension reform

In the cities of Russia, September 2, began demonstrations against the pension reform. Thus, ended the Communist party rallies in Vladivostok and Barnaul, according to Interfax. In Vladivostok, activists gathered on the Forecourt: according to hall, it is just up to 250 people, according to the organisers, up to two …

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Файер-шоу популярны на праздниках

На сегодняшний день уличное искусство становится все боле и более популярным видом уличных развлечений. Рассмотрим самое яркое и завораживающее из них — фаер-шоу. Фаер-шоу или огненное шоу представляет собой яркое развлечение, состоящее из акробатических номеров и манипуляциями огнем.

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About mass consciousness and “the party line”

People in today’s Russia, unlike the Soviet era, almost no ironical (and critical) attitude to the Supreme power. Fluctuations of mass consciousness, especially in the last few years, cannot fail to strike the imagination of anyone who keeps track of social processes in Russia. Show more… Is, for example, the …

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