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Who outside of Russia?

One of the most explosive topics of discussion in communities of expats, this is where life is cheaper in Russia or here. What a noisy controversy unfold here! Are there any major conflicts! What irreconcilable points of view! Until ready to rip each other’s throats! “Yes, in foreign countries your …

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The kite from outside the area

I have one thing. Should someone in social media to throw me a reproach that, say, what right have you leave the country, to teach us from what should be our freedom, I am such a person block once and for all, irrevocably. Regardless of the duration of the friendship …

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Smartphone NuAns Neo Reloaded was released outside of Japan

Last year was the announcement of the modular smartphone NuAns Neo, which was put up on Kickstarter, but the required amount is not collected due to high prices and the availability of Windows 10 Mobile, has long been useless in its current implementation. The project was closed, but there was …

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Nokia 6 will be released outside of China

Good news for all fans of Nokia smartphones, even those on Symbian and not on pop WP from Microsoft. New Nokia 6, presented recently and is based on Android 7 still be released outside of the US, and now to a world preparing release version of this device in white …

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As in Indonesia punished for “love outside of marriage”. Photo

Islamists punish adulterers. These people scream and escape, but Sharia law is inexorable: couples, afford too much, not being married, will receive severe punishment. These pictures are evidence of how Islamic fundamentalists punish adulterers in Indonesia. These images capture the brutal punishment inflicted on three young couples in the mosque …

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