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Антиквариат – дорогое “старье”

Слова «антиквариат» и «антикварный» у многих ассоциируются с чем-то старинным и оригинальным. В памяти могут всплыть элегантные предметы мебели, на которой восседали знатные особы, роскошные сервизы эпохи императоров или потертые старые ложки.

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Anton Orekh: Change our hearts do not require

Kirill Serebrennikov was in an uncomfortable position. I mean not that chermoshnoe mess with the case, “the Seventh Studio”, and in the creative sense. Attitude, as a person, attitude, as a victim of injustice involuntarily transferred in relation to his work. He is a brilliant artist and he has his …

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Anton Orekh: all Smok

Mutko — to send to the logging, IOC — Guantanamo. Other suggestions I have. The decision of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) has become a point in all this doping nonsense. She became an exclamation point. The results for the moment shameful for both parties, and cheering us …

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Anton Orekh: guns and toadstools

It just so happened that I regularly watch shows Alexei Pushkov, and it is a special method to get pleasure. Sometimes I think cannon and his comrades just driven. Sometimes it seems to me that the gun and his companions much older than his years, but all this group of …

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From Kiselev to Brilev. Anton Orekh on celebrationist

I – man is not like this age. Celebrate the new year at home, in the family circle. Just eat and drink still not very interesting. But traditionally supposed to watch TV. However, the same tradition to watch on TV on new year’s night for a long time already nothing. …

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Anton Orekh: unexpected surprise from Govorukhin and Kobzon

This is for me a little surprise. Not that I believed Stanislav Govorukhin, or Joseph Kobzon supporters of the vandals and fans of hooliganism, but Govorukhin and Kobzon, the people Patriotic, the people embedded in the state system. Not that the state system had openly supported the bullies and vandalism, …

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