Monday , September 24 2018
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The oligarchs hide money away from impoverished Russia

The withdrawal of money from Russia has accelerated since the beginning of 2018, analysts of the Central Bank. Only for the first quarter in the offshore was hidden almost 1 trillion rubles — 4% of the national GDP. If you would return the money back to Russia would suffice to …

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Money does not happen much

Now, when all have appreciated the new idea of the FSB to transfer our phones to a domestic SIM card when everyone said it was just cut to “technological patriotism”, it is necessary to note one more thing. Company for the production of the most correct SIM cards will, of …

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No money: Russians threaten debt hole

In July, the Russians got almost 5% less in real income than in June. Overall, for seven months, they grew by only 2.6%. In this situation, the Russians do not have enough money, and they are increasingly taking loans. In 2019, the situation will worsen: inflation will accelerate due to …

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The debts of Gazprom repaid the money of pensioners

Gazprom cut off from international capital markets as a result of gas dispute with Ukraine, appealed to the pension savings of Russians on the eve of major foreign debt payments. On Tuesday, the second time since the beginning of the year went to the Russian debt market and took 40 …

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