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Today ashamed to be a member of “United Russia”

The fateful vote in the state Duma on July 19. Pressure on their After yesterday’s vote for “pension reform in Russia” it becomes clear that the deputies from “United Russia”, in the face 328 – mute slaves. One “fault” to Poklonskaya is worth something! Nikolai Starikov called Natalya – the …

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Member of Parliament: “Economic stupid” in power “kill” Ukraine

At the moment of power in Ukraine “are economic dimwits”. Such a definition of today’s authorities in Kiev gave Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vadim Rabinovichin his speech on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. “The authorities are economic dimwits. Today, the “Kyivvodocanal” announced that, perhaps, Ukraine will be limited to water, because …

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NATO does not need a member like Ukraine

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the attempts of Ukraine to membership action plan in NATO, although for the first time this idea has adopted a more Leonid Kuchma. And even included the relevant provisions in the law “About fundamentals of domestic and foreign policy.” But “mail scandal” fabricated …

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In Samara, a member of the PEC confessed to rigging elections

In Samara, the member of the precinct election Commission No. 2902 voting Natalia Baranova wrote a confession to the Prosecutor, stating that he had signed blank protocols of the voting results, which are then sent to the territorial election Commission, the Agency “Free news”. Statement Baranova redirected to the Investigative …

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In Germany detained the likely high-ranking member of ISIS

Probable member of the terrorist organization ISIS detained on Tuesday in the German city of Mutterstadt. The German police arrested in the German city of Mutterstadt (Rhineland-Palatinate) a man suspected of having links with terrorist group ISIL (ISIS, is prohibited in Russia), said on Tuesday the German radio station “Deutsche …

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New member Serebro published candid photos

New soloist of music band Serebro Catherine Kischuk shocked the audience. In his Instagram singer posted a rather daring photo. In the picture Kischuk appeared in a naked way, at least from the waist up, and her body is covered with a lot of tattoos in black and red colors. …

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