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Space, ballet and medicine: the technological future of Russia

Sanctions imposed by the West against the Russian Federation, interpreted by many as Russia’s isolation and pushing her to the margins of the world economy. However, in the modern realities this question is meaningless. No country in the world, the more so as Russia with its natural resources, which include …

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Chocolate officially recognized medicine

The European Commission has allowed the Swiss manufacturer of luxury chocolate to promote chocolate as a remedy for the treatment of vascular anomalies. Experts admitted that flavonols from cocoa maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and normal blood flow. The company became the first in the market, which is allowed …

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The doctors said that should be in every home medicine Cabinet

Monitor the shelf life of tablets and always have at hand the necessary medicines. Each house has a specific place which allocated to medicines and called “kit”. Often it’s filled with drugs and other medical products that are left over from the treatment of previously transferred diseases Sometimes the drugs …

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Herbal medicine after myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction herbal medicine used as an auxiliary and only after consulting a doctor. For purification and recovery after myocardial infarction traditional medicine offers means of herbal remedies. You can use one of the suggested recipes, but only after consulting a doctor. Typically, these tools are used already in the …

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Medicine is important in our lives! (part 1)

  The most intelligent people claim that it is only 3 – three! – professions need to be ahead of everyone else: an engineer, a doctor and a teacher! (Let me explain: the profession should not be understood in the literal restricted sense, as they are shown here figuratively, i.e. …

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