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Created solar panels with maximum efficiency

New cheap solar panels from the us developers reached a record efficiency.Scientists from the U.S. created a brand new design of solar collectors on the basis of simple and available materials which can compete or even surpass modern silicon counterparts. New solar panels have become more light and flexible, their …

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The mean maximum human lifespan

American doctors have determined the average maximum length of human life. Devoted to a study published in the journal Nature, and briefly about it reports the edition EurekAlert! The maximum average human life span (that is, maximum life span, averaged over all longevity of the Earth) is 115 years. The …

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In Monaco luxury yacht present, which ensures maximum privacy

The concept yacht SHY will be presented at the yacht show in Monaco in late September. Italian manufacturer of luxury yachts Lobanov Design together with the Oceanco designed the ship, which will provide complete privacy to their wealthy owners. As reported Lux Expose, form and style of superyacht SHY will …

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These countries to the maximum used energy of the sun. Photo

These five countries are in first place in terms of use of solar energy for its infrastructure. Advantages of using solar mass. This low maintenance, reliability of supply and independence from fossil fuels. A nuclear reactor produces an average of 1.3 GW of electricity per year. One gigawatt equals one …

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