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Statistics is lying.

In the role of Cassandra on the fate of the Russian economy was made by one of the leading universities of the country, taken aback by the news that the promised economic development meaningful economic growth – this is an outright phony, but in fact it’s worse. According to experts …

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CNN’s lying, admired Fox News

In the case reported CNN about the possible collusion of trump with the Russian channel made a conscious decision to tell their audience what they want to hear, knowing full well that this story is faked, said the host of Fox News Tucker Carlson, commenting on the confession of one …

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Who is lying to us?

An important feature of the human body is that people don’t remember anything. Not all, but most. That is, can’t remember anything. This is a valuable quality especially useful if you are going to lie to the people. You lie, hoping that today they will take fraud for granted and …

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Wikileaks: When Obama says that he can not…he’s lying

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, in connection with its operation of problems have accumulated a great deal. And after the next public address speech in Barack Obama’s persecution by the American establishment will only grow. The representatives of the resource-whistleblower reported that us President Barack Obama lied, saying that he …

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Lying down after sex does not help women to get pregnant

A woman can not influence the process of fertilization.Leading scientists came to the conclusion that the lying on the bed after intercourse does not help the fairer sex to get pregnant. The researchers argue that to obtain new information scientists have studied the many cases where girls have been fertilized …

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