Friday , October 20 2017
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Russia is no longer good


Exercises “West-2017” gave another a number of causes for the Russian public interested in politics, have fun watching the extremely emotional, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a reaction to them, our closest Western neighbors, primarily the Baltic. Of the latter, special attention, of course, attracted the reaction of …

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In Russia no longer allowed to raise taxes


In Russia no longer allowed to raise taxes, fees, tariffs. In General it is impossible. I don’t know what it thinks the government is coming up with new fees. I think it is obvious that it is impossible, impossible with more people to rip off penny above what has already …

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No longer in charge.


Now John McCain is nostalgic of the days when the White house sat a black President, whom he accused of “erosion of the world order”. America used to be a leader. First, the leader of the “free world”, then, after the end of the cold war — leader of the …

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How much vodka to drink to live longer


On this “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has talked with the Kremlin doctor, the author of the popular books about medicine and health by Alexander Myasnikov It turned out that moderate drinking not only prolongs life but also improves its quality.Photo: Evgeny GUSEV Lately there are increasing reports that alcohol in small doses …

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Breathing water is no longer a fantasy


For half a century the viewers with the same interest watching the Soviet film “the amphibian Man”, which tells about the adventures of a young man of the frogman, whose father, a brilliant scientist, gave him the ability to breathe under water in oxygen, like fish. It turns out that …

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