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Who knows all

Just doesn’t know everything? It is not, of course. Omniscient person exists! June 15, 2017 will see and hear all our big country… — Is it true that genius is a disease? — someone asked Hippocrates. “Of course,” he replied. But, unfortunately, this disease is very rare and absolutely non-contagious. …

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Andrey Shutov: the President knows what to do

The head of the expert courts in the administration of the head of state about the political situation in Russia The head of the Board of Directors “Expert of the Institute for social research” (AISI) Andrey Shutov told the correspondent of “Izvestia” Elena Ladylove about why Vladimir Putin should be …

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Smartphone Moto Z (2017) knows the owner of the eyes

Protection of information is a trend in recent years, and in smartphones it manifests itself more often. Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition has long been not new, but recently they added scanners iris. Exactly one of these will install into a new smartphone Moto Z (2017), announcement of which will …

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Daily Beast: On plans trump Putin knows more than the White house

Even before his inauguration, US President-elect Donald trump managed to communicate with the leaders of Russia and Japan, leaving everyone in Washington in the dark about their conversations. So never did, no American leader – but perhaps this behavior is a continuation of the “chaotic” campaign trump, says the Daily …

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Olya Polyakova showed how knows how to drink beer

Ukrainian singer visited the festival “Оktoberfest 2016”. Singer Olya Polyakova showed how to race with girlfriend drinks huge mug of beer. Now superblondinka enjoying a day at the festival “Оktoberfest 2016”. Olya Polyakova to share with subscribers images from the festival. The singer was dressed as a Bavarian peasant and …

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