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Knowledge is light: 10 famous black scientists

  © GETTY IMAGES; WIKIPEDIA; PROJECTBLACKMAN.COM; MIRTESEN.RU; EMEAGWALI.COM 1710 05 DECEMBER 2014 The invention of steroids, novocaine, traffic lights and open heart surgery — “the guardian” says that he made to the scientific world by black scientists.     MATERIALS A geek in a skirt: ten contemporary women scientists who …

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Gentlemen need not greedy of knowledge, and attendants

The knowledge considered overkill?! Gentlemen need not greedy of knowledge, and attendants. The ruling class sees the country as a means of self-enrichment, as the sheep, which will be as long as possible to cut hair, and then — that it is possible — slaughter   Published September 6, 2017 …

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Bumblebees are able to transfer knowledge to each other

Scientists came to the conclusion that not only are people able to learn from their fellow human beings, but even animals, insects copy the behavior of each other.For example, the bees also transfer knowledge to the brethren. Bees have an amazing ability, after some time members of its hive, will …

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Serena Williams with the knowledge of WADA’s doping

The most decorated tennis player of our time, Serena Williams is found to use illegal drugs. A group of hackers “Fancy Bears” hacked into the information database of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) – the confidential information was published, a secret information was officially confirmed. The Williams sisters Serena and …

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