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That can be a pain in the knees

Irrespective of age the pain in my knees is cause for concern. Perhaps the problem is not related to muscles or joints that are connected to the kneecap. But in any case, the body signals you that not everything is in order. For effective and visible treatment one must know …

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Putin and Erdogan put enemies on your knees

  A failed coup forced the Turkish President to stop dilly-dally and go to urgent cooperation with Vladimir Putin. It notes that Russia has sent Ankara, no phone calls.     To speed up the process of reconciliation on both sides, Erdogan himself was going to Russia. However, of course, …

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Son Masha Efrosinina put mom on her knees

She is not afraid to seem ridiculous and often jokes on themselves. TV presenter Masha Efrosinina will hold a solemn ceremony of opening and closing of the Odessa film festival 2016. In order to go to Odessa the woman had to ask my son. Masha Efrosinina published in Instagram joint …

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The main causes of pain in the knees

Severe pain in the knee – a fairly widespread phenomenon. Many believe that the pain in the knee joints is characteristic of elderly people, but in fact such pain can haunt a person at any age, and this may be for several reasons. American experts called several reasons for severe …

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At auction sold the statue of Hitler on his knees

The statue was sold in new York. Sculpture by contemporary Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan depicting a kneeling Adolf Hitler, was sold at Christie’s auction in new York for $ 17 million. Sold the statue is called “He”. The sculpture is made of rubber and wax. A few years ago, she …

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