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Smartphone 5 Librem Linux became the hero Kickstarter

The company has developed the Purism Librem 5 smartphone, running on Linux, but funds to manufacture it in his pockets found and appealed for help to the public in the hope to collect 1.5 million dollars. The amount was collected in the shortest possible time, and now the smartphone, nothing …

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Modular EOMA68 laptop is not a revolution on Kickstarter

Recently on the portal Kickstarter has the opportunity to sponsor the production of a new laptop EOMA68 different from all other mobile PC functionality, in terms of upgrade individual components. This, in a nutshell, the modular laptop, but for some reason he’s not liked sponsors. The EOMA68 idea is that …

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Japanese smartphone NuAns Neo failed on Kickstarter

Earlier this year we wrote about a new Japanese mobile NuAns Neo Windows 10 Mobile with an unusual modular housing. In his country he was received very warmly, which prompted developers to try to expand the geography of its spread to the entire globe, but this attempt failed miserably.   …

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