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The fears were justified: the ruble will fall by year-end

The expectations of the Russians, who recently spoke about the feeling of “overvalued” exchange rate, began to come true. Despite the fact that the Russian currency “sways” from side to side and from time to time, the ruble is growing, the whole “wood” started the traditional year-end “way down”. In …

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Sanctions against the “putinowi” justified

Ordinary Russians are mostly hurting their own power At the beginning of the 21st century relations between the United States and Russia were quite satisfactory. The American armed forces even used to fly to Afghanistan the Russian airspace. That all changed in 2008, when Russian, for example, bombed civilians in …

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Son of the Yamal judges, killed a squirrel, justified

The son of a judge of the PUR district of Yamal, shot from a pistol squirrel in St. Petersburg, is justified. The criminal case against Elisha Vladimirova discontinued. The reason — absence of corpus delicti. To such conclusion the cassation instance — the Presidium of the St.-Petersburg city court. The …

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Russian athletes justified

The world anti-doping Agency has backed away from his earlier statements and made a Declaration that athletes whose doping samples taken robes in the period from 1 January to 1 March and contain less than 1 μg, will be justified. If the concentration of the substance varies between 1 and …

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Justified skepticism: the Ukrainian economy is doomed

More and more opinions in favor of the recovery of the Ukrainian economy may not be possible due to the current political crisis. Due to the ever tense situation in Kiev “summit”, scheduled reforms, opening the country the opportunity to support the IMF again delayed. What positive changes can be …

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Fully justified: Serbian politician Vojislav šešelj are released

Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which a week ago was sentenced to 40 years in prison of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, today met one of his closest associates, Vojislav Seselj. The court considered the evidence gathered against the leader of the Radical party of Serbia, insufficient and contradictory. …

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