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Intestinal microflora is inherited

The scientific staff of the American University of Texas, located in Austin, proved that the intestinal microflora in humans is inherited. In previous years, scientists believed that germs can enter the body only from the outside. Also a large amount of bacteria people have inherited from the great apes, according …

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Named the best methods intestinal cleansing at home

Browse the most popular methods of bowel cleansing, is available at home. The first methods intestinal cleansing nutrition enriched a distinguished scientist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov. In his opinion, to numerous diseases and premature death of a person results in “self-poisoning putrid substances of their own large intestine”. The studies Mechnikov …

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Scientists: the cause of autism and intestinal flora!

Violation of the intestinal flora may be the cause of autism. Insufficient amounts of Lactobacillus Reuteri is associated with behavioral disorders, scientists say. The lack of certain types of intestinal bacteria associated with symptoms of autism, concludes a study published in the medical journal Cell. It should be noted that …

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Doctors gave the recipe of “scrub” for intestinal

This “scrub” will not only help to cleanse the bowel, but also lose weight. From oatmeal complexion will become more lively, the hair will stop falling out and nails to break. In the morning during the month (to see the result) you have eaten a very useful “scrub”. In the …

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Dysbiosis: how to restore the balance of intestinal microflora

The best recipes for recovery of the intestinal microflora.Restoring intestinal flora with folk remedies are very effective procedure which can be performed at home. And if you destroy the microorganisms living in the intestines is very simple, their recovery may take a long time. Damage the microorganisms can variety of …

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