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The oligarchs hide money away from impoverished Russia

The withdrawal of money from Russia has accelerated since the beginning of 2018, analysts of the Central Bank. Only for the first quarter in the offshore was hidden almost 1 trillion rubles — 4% of the national GDP. If you would return the money back to Russia would suffice to …

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Our national idea — impoverished old age

The main Russian stigma of old age is poverty. Bad clothes, bad food, the inability to travel and often do move outside of their district, no entertainment except TV. And the corresponding social status — the eternal supplicant, burden. The same consciousness. If you understand why this is so, the …

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Impoverished Russians poison cheap substitutes

The Agency “Roskoshestvo” to check the quality and safety of cheese, which is sold in stores. Rejected 16 of 44 samples: they found antibiotics, harmful microorganisms, or vegetable fats. Cheap substitute… sugar The production of cottage cheese in Russia in recent years increased rapidly: for example, if in 1995, according …

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The meter is expensive, the population is impoverished

Housing prices rise for second quarter in a row. In Moscow square metre has risen by 2%. Experts explain this trend by reduction of the volume of supply on the market and improved conditions on the mortgage. However, incomes do not have to purchase housing, so even a slight increase …

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In the impoverished town of all MPs are millionaires

The people’s servants showed income, people wept with emotion The deputies of the city Duma of Volgograd and representatives of other cities reported income for the year 2016. Journalists immediately drew up the tops of the richest and modest deputies and sort through who as cars, apartments, houses, boats and …

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Russia is impoverished and blames the West

Russians began to save on everything. In April 2017, the expenditure of citizens declined by 6.8% in March, compared to April 2016 — 9%. This is stated in the study “ROMIR” Romir Consumer Scan Panel. Inaccuracies are virtually eliminated: the study is based on data on the consumption of 30 …

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