Tuesday , November 21 2017
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Misted: why is it important to dry the car in the winter


Along with the cold comes back and a typical winter problem — moisten and freeze the glass of the car. Not everyone knows but if you do not give her any attention, it can cause very unexpected consequences. Glass condensate It is clear that when the windshield is sweating inside …

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You forgot the most important thing

Sometimes amazed at how people have learned to circumvent all of the most important, the most important questions of life, and talking about nonsense, doing self-PR, just to see themselves on the TV screen, or somewhere on a high podium. Everyone likes this ostentatious height of power when they forget …

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TRP is more important than the WTO


Ilya Nosyrev Industrial gymnastics at the experimental confectionery-bakery combine. Photo: Igor Utkin/Fotokhronika TASS     On March 11, 1931 in the USSR adopted the first national programme for physical development has raised millions of healthy citizens “The sign of the TRP on his chest. Don’t know anything about it” — …

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Important loss: PARNAS was one ally of Nemtsov


“An important loss” in PARNASSUS there was one ally of Nemtsov The rest have left the party   Congress of the people’s freedom Party, which was held on Saturday in Moscow, hardly a large scale: in a small room in the hotel “Izmailovo” gathered 110 delegates. Usually the congresses even …

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An important step to afteronly


The most important news of the week, with a very far – reaching implications in Russia began trading futures on the Russian oil Urals. This is a very important step towards the ultimate goal is to decouple the pricing of our oil from the London trade, Brent crude oil and, …

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Tesla Motors has made an important bargain deal


Tesla Motors shareholders approved the purchase of SolarCity Shareholders of the American manufacturer of electric Tesla Motors has approved Thursday, November 17, a deal to buy energy company SolarCity. According to representatives of Tesla, the agreement received the overwhelming support of shareholders. About plans to purchase SolarCity Tesla announced in …

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