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Sad to health: the longing will help to strengthen the immune system

Dutch scientists have found that depression is good for health. Of course, we are not talking about any serious deviations type of clinical depression or dysphoria. Although many people confuse sadness, melancholy and depression with depression. Of course, we are not talking about clinical depression as a psychiatric diagnosis — …

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How to strengthen the immune system fall: 4 easy ways

Fall is the time to take care of their health. Autumn according to Ayurveda — the time of changes: it’s cold and windy, nature fade, people are prone to depression and devastation. At this time inevitably reduced immunity. A specialist in medicinal herbs Sebastian Pole gives 4 tips to be …

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Vacation can strengthen the immune system, scientists

Proper rest promotes good health and improve the emotional background. Don’t underestimate the importance of relaxation for the human body, say scientists from the United States, the study showed that vacations can greatly strengthen the immune system for a year and improve emotional mood for at least a month. This, …

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Doctors told, works best when the immune system

Our immune system is actively fighting bacteria night A relaxed sleep is to the body indispensable medicine because the immune system exerts its protective functions best during the night time. As shown by a study by Stanford University /USA/, our immune system is actively fighting bacteria night and minimizes the …

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Doctors told what kind of food weakens the immune system

Doctors believe that some foods depresses the immune system. Experts argue again the hypothesis that the foods that contain a lot of calories and fats, not only contribute to overweight, as reported by ScienceDaily. According to researchers, the growth of body weight with this diet – it’s just not home, …

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Kissing strengthen the immune system, scientists

Scientists have figured out how kissing can affect health. French scientists said that kisses are useful to health. The experts noted that the exchange of microbes which occurs during the kiss only increases the body’s resistance to various diseases. The bottom line is that in a person’s mouth are bacteria, …

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