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Scientists named the most harmful and useful shoes

An interesting statement was made by researchers from the Harvard. Harvard scientists have conducted extensive research and found that shoes heels is the worst for human health. Experts recommend often to go on vacation barefoot to improve the work of the muscles of the legs, writes The Independent. One of …

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The habit of sleeping in socks: harmful or helpful?

People who used to sleep in socks, I fall asleep much faster. This is due to the fact that the regulation of body temperature is an important part of the sleep cycle. Sleep is vital for humans. National Institute of health confirms that sleep is necessary for normal functioning of …

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Friendship and confrontation with the US equivalent is harmful for Russia

The author of the article “WashingtonJustPunishedRussia — andHelpedPutin” (“Punishing Russia, Washington has helped Putin”) in ForeignPolicyМарк Galeotti, criticizing the sanctions policy of the White house against Russia, acknowledged that the Russian Federation how to make friends and to clash with the United States is equally harmful. Why bad from conflict …

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Doctors told about the harmful properties of cheese

Doctors and nutritionists warn that cheese can be harmful with excessive use due to the high content of saturated fat. Cheese refers to milk products that are useful to include in the diet at any age. It is rich in milk protein, vitamins and trace elements. But in spite of …

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The scientists explained why tea is harmful for men’s health

Do not get too often to consume this drink. British experts have revealed unexpected properties of tea. According to employees of the University of Glasgow claim that consumption of tea in large quantities has a negative impact on the male body. In particular, developing prostate cancer. This proves the analysis …

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