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What will happen with gas prices?

As reported by the Federal service of state statistics, motor fuel last month has risen “most notably among the observed types of food products”. The price of natural gas for the month rose 7.1%, on gasoline of various grades of 1.8-2.1%, diesel went up by 1.9%. Recall that in may, …

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What will happen with Moscow after renovation?

In the second decade of February, speaking to media representatives, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said that currently 90% of all apartments in new buildings acquired by the inhabitants of the capital. And since in the city the lowest amounts of residential construction, continued the official, only 0.25 square …

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The revolution will happen within a week?

Only a week left until November 5, the day that announced, supporters of opposition politician Vyacheslav Maltsev as the beginning of the revolution in Russia. The following week, Sunday, the “concerned citizens” in social networks are encouraged to enter the international meetings and to Express their disagreement with current government …

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I know exactly what will happen

“The truth is that now for the benefit of the king. Everything else is a lie and a crime.” Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky “Hard to be God”. Show completely… Brilliant phrase Strugatsky brothers — almost everything you need to know about the monstrous state “machine of lies”. It’s almost all …

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What would happen if a homeless person to give 100 000$ ?

In 2005, a homeless man named Ted Rodrigue stumbled upon the portfolio, which found 100 of thousands of dollars (at current exchange rate is about 123 thousand dollars) denominations $20 and $50. Screenwriter Wayne powers, who owned the briefcase, gave Ted the money, saying that now he can do with …

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What will happen in my lifetime

When Alexander Zinoviev was still living in Munich and have got the light and moved away from his anti-Soviet, we were texting. In 1990, I sent him my article about A. Solzhenitsyn, he for this reason wrote to me: “Solzhenitsyn need not just to criticize, it should smash. This b… …

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