Tuesday , November 21 2017
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In Russia there is a growing demand for Xiaomi smartphones


Xiaomi company produces high-quality and affordable smartphones, for which it is so loved in Russia. Indeed, the mobile phones are not inferior to much more expensive counterparts from the same Samsung and Huawei, and this led to the fact that it has entered into a three of leaders on the …

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Electric vehicles are the fastest growing segment of Europe


European demand for electric vehicles (EV) continued to grow steadily in the first half of this year. Strong support for this was the increase of 10,000 cars secured recently started selling Hyundai Ioniq. But overall, the segment grew by 27,000 copies, or 56 percent, and reached 73,162 sold electric vehicles …

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The economy is growing, pockets are empty

Our main goal is further growth of welfare of citizens of the USSR. This is a priority of the Soviet state. Quite another thing in the capitalist state. At the meeting in China, Putin said on Russia’s economic growth. “We are entering the recovery in economic growth. They are not …

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The ruble is growing, despite all efforts


The dollar has updated at least July 2015. The us currency at the auction fell to 55,77 ruble. Experts believe that this result was influenced by the rise in oil prices and the first results of the elections in France. The dollar has updated a minimum since the summer of …

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The gap between rich and poor is growing in Russia


Dollar millionaires in Russia last year compared with year 2015 has increased by 10% — 132 thousand people, according to the monitoring the socio-economic situation of the Ranepa. This is 0.1% of all Russian residents over the age of 15 years. Over the past decade, the dollar millionaires in Russia …

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