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Why can’t they be fed with slogans about “greatness”?

No, I really do not understand why not to feed Breakfast French, Germans, Finns, Swedes? Why they do not ride up stories about what, for example, the leader of the state for nearly 20 years prevented damned Russians wanting to take their country? Show completely… Why those people need affordable …

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Greatness is in the past

There was an anecdote. The man asks the cuckoo: “Cuckoo, how many years I have left to live?”. Cuckoo says: “Ku!”. “And why so mA?” – only had time to utter man. Remembered this is to ensure that the efforts of our propaganda to inflate the bubble of greatness at …

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Empire of the hurt feelings in search of money for greatness

After the Duma election time comes the really unpopular measures, only having to do with reforms with long-term useful effects, and to extract additional rents from the population. Electoral autocracies – expensive toys, constantly requiring financial charge to buy the loyalty of the population. For the bombing, which also lifts …

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