Thursday , October 18 2018
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From the elderly require sacrifice those who sacrifice not going to go

Something additional about pension reform, raising the age of retirement higher life expectancy. Forget for a moment that the economy was ineptly managed, killing business (especially small), destroying a profitable industry (especially IT). Forget for a moment that pension funds are poorly disposed of, not in multiplying wealth, and squandering …

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Erdogan is going to stop Russia in Idlib

Passions flare up around Idlib with each passing day more and more. Recently a lot of noise was made about the people’s protection Units fighting against the opposition together with the Assad regime. Some Kurdish leaders have confirmed this information. However, then the rhetoric began to change. Appeared as if …

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The German President is going to Ukraine

In late may, Frank-Walter Steinmeier plans to visit Kyiv. This will be his first official visit to Ukraine as President of Germany. Earlier, when Mr Steinmeier was headed by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany, he repeatedly visited Kiev. The current visit of the head of state will be …

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Почему может сломаться кондиционер

Жаркое лето и жажда комфорта приводят многих из нас к решению установки кондиционера. Это настоящее чудо техники, которое дарит прохладу и бодрость даже тогда, когда на улице плавится асфальт. Но и кондиционеры иногда ломаются, и при этом важно понять причину неисправности и быстро принять решение по поводу ее устранения. Рассмотрим …

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